So we’re in the middle of reworking some stuff here on the site. It’ll be a work in progress over the next few weeks, but we wanted to get it up all the same.
If you’re curious at all as to where I’ve been read on.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough not only to create 2 posters for My Morning Jacket’s Red Rocks show, but I got to do it in collaboration with one of my favorite rock poster artists, Guy Burwell. The whole process was amazing and we came away with 2 of my favorite prints that I’ve ever created. That was August of 2019. The release of our artist’s prints was anything but smooth and as a result of the insane amount of traffic my current host at the time pulled the plug on my plan- so to speak- they really just wanted me to pay for that level of traffic, which was more than fair. Only trouble with that was that the site normally does not pull in that level of traffic and to pay for a plan that accommodated that seemed unwise. So I decided to move on from that host. I tried a few things, building a shopify site, but even as easy as that was, and as easy as they make it for right brained folks, i couldn’t wrap my head around how to make it look like I wanted it to. So I turned to my best bud and he started putting this all together for me. It’s still a work in progress, and you’ll see things change and shift here and there but as I said, we wanted to get it up and out into the world. Over the course of the next few days/weeks you’ll start to see everything fill out a little more, especially the “archives” portion of the site- home to the sold out prints from my catalog.

So yeah, please pardon our dust as we make this all work seamlessly. And drop me a line to say hello if you’re so inclined. I have a few prints I’m hoping to roll out this year as there haven’t been many gig posters being created lately, so stay tuned.

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