So this has been a wild year in terms of rock ‘n’ roll posters to say the least. No shows, no show posters. Some here and there for virtual shows thankfully (very grateful to my friends and folks that are able to kick me work) but nothing along the lines of the volume of normal years. So I’ve found a few ways to keep myself busy-ish. Last year was an “anniversary” I guess you’d say of mine- 15 years of printing my own work.
My very first print was this one, printed in my kitchen in the Short North in Columbus, Ohio. Originally I was hoping to make some prints to celebrate- but COVID-19 had other plans. Not only that but my site was still down- and it was tough last year to find a reason that some ridiculous art print had any business showing up in anyone’s feed, and I was more than okay with that. The pandemic was so unknown and we were going through some things as a country. To be clear, we are still very much going through those things now, and I’m not saying anything is fixed by putting these things out into the world now. But with a new administration the light, as dim as it may be, at the end of the tunnel no longer appears to be an oncoming train. And that’s really just in terms of the pandemic. Also, I thought maybe a portion of proceeds from any prints I make this year could go towards some worthy causes. Trying to find ways I can do what I do best to help other people who do what they do best do so to make this country a better place. Hopefully I can keep with it for a little bit this year.

So I’m gonna make some art prints. Not sure how many I’ll get out- maybe 3 maybe 20 (haha). But they’ll each be 21 bucks (plus the 10 for shipping- sorry about that). And they’ll fit beautifully in these frames (natural or black) if you want an economical but very clean well made frame. Only “custom” piece you’ll need from your local framer is an 18×24 mat in the color of your choosing. And keep the print out of the sunlight unless you also upgrade with some UV glass. Anyhow, they’ll all most likely be music lyric related, not unlike the prints I did years ago for my show at Rivet with Nick Nocera. First one is up today, the 21st. A portion of the sales will go to help out friends in Texas.

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