A little “I miss you all” letter to Columbus

I always love when Jacket comes through Columbus. Kicker is, this time around, I’m 2400 miles away. Naturally though, I still wanted to create the show poster, I thought it would be a nice way to say a little “hello” from the west coast. And while making sure it still fit within the MMJ aesthetic, I tossed in as many personal things as I could.

The structure in the poster is my sons’ clubhouse in our yard in Columbus, although it doesn’t quite go as high as depicted here. Their first initial and birth year are written at the base of the structure.
The deer is the sculpture on the Rich St. bridge, credit to the sculptor tucked below it.
The leaves below the treehouse turn blue as a nod to the Scioto over which the deer looks.
The beam of light illuminating the disco ball a nod to the Nationwide beam.
And on the side of the treehouse are a few more little callouts to some of the things I miss being all the way out here- Bicentennial Bear, Alison Rose, and CD1025. Hello, friends.
Lastly, the inclusion of the song lyric. I try to get one in each Jacket print, and while I’ve used a piece of this song in another poster, and they haven’t played it on this tour that I’m aware of, I thought it felt so apropos with our move being so sudden and unexpected. Only memories remain indeed.