We’ll see if this works. Admittedly I’m not the best at self promotion. Case in point, I had hoped, more than 2 years ago, to make a big deal about having been doing these crazy posters for 10 full years. Even had a buddy of mine make some pretty sweet tweaks to my website in anticipation of my “tenth anniversary”. But March 4th 2015 came and went and nothing. So here we are 2017 and I feel like maybe I’ve got it together a little more than I did in 2015 and I’m gonna have some fun. And hey, hopefully we’ll get through the whole year without a nuclear war and I’ll have at least 12 new art prints to pop online and cart around to shows. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to make more.

I have no idea what they’ll be just yet, but I’ll post a new print online every 12th of the month at noon. They’ll be 24 bucks and a portion of the proceeds will go to various organizations that I feel passionate about.

So stay tuned, thanks for keeping tabs on me, and happy new year!