It’s been forever and a day that I’ve had a landing page that says things are in progress- like, too long. The intent almost 2 years ago was to have a cleaned up site ready for what would have been my 10th year of making posters. And to my web guy’s credit it was indeed ready by then. Sadly I was not. But I’m hoping to be more present, update FAR more often, maybe finally get some shirts on the site (I think I’ve been toying with that one for 8 years now). But anyhow- some new posters up finally. And some of them are over a year old.
Check em (listed here for convenience but hit the ol’ PRINTS link to see them all):
Ray Lamontagne- October ’14
Alabama Shakes- March ’15
TVOTR (only have 2 of those)
Alabama Shakes- September ’15
Damien Rice- 5 prints from his November 15 tour
Ben Harper- April ’16
My Morning Jacket- OKCity, Austin City Limits, and if you’re paying attention here, I found a few NYC and Tennessee prints floating around. Couple foils even too!
Courtney Barnett
Ray Lamontagne (with 4/5ths of MMJ)
And 2 Band of Horses posters.

As usual, LIMIT ONE PER PERSON (at least for a while, make sure everyone gets what they want)
Stay tuned, hopefully I can get this site updated more often.