Friendship 7

I was 10 years old when The Right Stuff came out. ¬†And while a 3 hour drama about the space race isn’t your normal 10 yr old type of film, I fell in love with it. To this day not a year goes by that I don’t watch it at least once or twice. It’s so so good.

When my wife challenged me to create an art print every two weeks one of the ideas I had was to somehow create a print for each of the original 7 astronauts. I wasn’t sure those would really be wildly popular to anyone other than myself and my mother, so I shelved the idea. But lo and behold, a few days later I realized (in large part thanks to my mother who originally took me to see the movie) that this February 20th marked the 50th anniversary of John Glenn’s historic flight- 3 complete orbits around the globe. I thought that while I may not actually create a print for each of the astronauts, there was no more worthy an event or man to celebrate than this one.
I have no idea how popular a print this will be, but I was glad I made the decision to do it.
Godspeed, John Glenn!