engine overhaul

So you may notice a few changes here on the site. Some of them are noticeable minor tweaks, but most are big and unseen (behind the scenes) fixes. My web mechanic threw open the hood of the site and decided to rebuild the entire engine. And it hums along now.
Some things to note:

Load time should be faster.

Pop up poster & info are now gone. Each poster has its own url that you can either copy/paste or…

SHARE. look at those good lookin’ buttons below each poster (and above individual blog posts as well). Please tweet, facebook, pin, or whatever you do to share these crazy things as much as you want.  These buttons should make it super easy to do so.

There are 2 new ways to “follow me”- dribble and pinterest.

ZOOM: while most posters currently on the site do not yet  have zoomed in pop ups, they will as I slowly add them . New posters will have this feature as soon as they’re uploaded.

In addition to those changes in the coming weeks I hope to add missing posters from years past, as well as opening up inventory of recently discovered prints (just 1 or 2 in most cases).
My goal is to have this completed by March 2nd.

Lastly, my wife has challenged me to complete an art print every 2 weeks. While this has yet to happen, once things are rolling along more smoothly with the new studio I hope to make this a reality. Stay tuned.

One last thing. HUGE HUGE thanks to my web guy. HUGE thanks.