2012 subscription

For 2012 I’m offering 15 prints/posters plus a special subscription only art print at the end of the year.

This year looks to be heavy in art prints as I have at least 4 planned that I’m excited about already.

15 is a lot of prints for sure, but keep in mind they can be gifted, made into giant paper airplanes, tossed up on ebay, used as kindling for camp fires or any other such purpose you deem appropriate. I’ll also include my “reno guide to framing options” postcard to help with that “what do I do with this print now?” step of this poster/print collecting process.

There are 2 subscriptions available- one regional, one national.

Regional: $300– 15 prints plus a subscription only print at the end of the year. Pickup can be arranged twice during the year, but comfest & north market holiday are best bets (if I get in to both). Purchases that do not have an Ohio address will be refunded. Oh, and you gotta pay the ol’ sales tax too Ohio residents. Sorry.

National: $340– Same as regional, only boxing & shipping costs  have been added.

I’m only offering 10 this year.

If  you’d like to purchase this as a gift for the holidays I can hand draw a nice unique little card and provide a “gift box” of sorts so that there’s an actual wrapped item in hand for any gift exchanging.

*the value of these subscriptions is anywhere from 400-450 (shipping not included) depending on the cost of each print. Some will cost 40 right off the bat, but most will cost 25.

GO to it, if you like.

Okay. Thanks!