Hello Silas Henry Reno, or "how I owe many of you email replies"

Meet Silas Henry Reno. He was born on thursday morning, 7/28, at 7:18 am. Getting ready to bring this little one into the world, as well as renovating a new studio space in addition to finally emptying the old space (just 35 hours before the birth) has kept me from many things- mostly email replies. So to all of you that have inquired about various my morning jacket posters (I have good news & bad), or the many folks that have signed up for my mailing list either online or at events in the past few months, rest assured that I’ll try to make good on all of this in the coming month or so as I transition into a new space and into now being a father of TWO little boys. Thanks for being patient!

Photo credit goes to the always amazingĀ Erika Ray.