2011 subscription

I know these types of things are generally offered in January, but I don’t normally get busy until March anyhow so I thought now would be a good time to offer this for anyone crazy enough to want it.

The details:
-Bakers dozen- 13 prints for $200, shipping INCLUDED.
-It’s a $325 value (more if you factor in shipping costs).
-You choose 13 prints out of however many I create this year*.

You’ll get the same number in the run, depending on where in the order you purchase. The lowest number available will be #6.
The prints will ship just twice during the year in July and December and will ship flat. For those in town we can arrange pick ups at events in July and in December. Unfortunately as shipping is included, and to keep this easier on my end, I won’t discount the cost for local folks (apologies).

Perhaps in years to come I can get a little more creative with different tiers and such but for now we’ll roll with just the 13 prints.
Who knows though, by year’s end I may be feeling crazy enough to toss in a t shirt or an extra print, but I’m not making any such promises at this moment, but you never know.
If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to email.
I’m only offering 15, so go get one if you want. GO.

*the north market fiery foods poster is the only poster from 2011 that can not be chosen as one of your 13 prints.
also excluded are any prints that I DO NOT print on my end.

-Paypal will add $10 shipping- I’ll refund it immediately
-Ohio peeps, unfortunately you’ll have to pay sales tax on this (sorry).